109 Baby Names that Mean Warrior

Achilles This Greek name comes from the warrior of legend – a central character in Homer’s Iliad. He was known as the bravest of heroes in the Trojan war, and he was killed by an arrow to the heel.

Agnar This name comes from the Old Norse name Agnarr, derived from agi “awe, terror.” It means “edge of a sword” combined with “warrior”.

Alf In Norse legend, there was a warrior called Alf who tried to woo a maiden by the name of Alfhild.

Alfher This Germanic name is composed of two words meaning “elf” and “army, warrior.”

Alfonso This Spanish and Italian name means “noble, battle ready.”

Alvar Like Alfher, this name is Old Norse for “elf” and “warrior.”

Arnar An Icelandic name that comes from the Old Norse words for “eagle,” “army,” and “warrior.”

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