Raising Canes is a restaurant known for its chicken fingers. Raising Cane’s Chicken Tenders are known to be the best because they use high-quality ingredients.

Raising Canes is one of the most popular restaurants in America as it sells over one billion chicken fingers every year.

They have opened all around the United States of America, and their chicken and sauce are growing in popularity every day.

The secret to tender, juicy chicken that doesn’t dry out during a deep fry is a great marinade.

Another important aspect of this recipe is the seasoning blend. While there are plenty of premade seasonings on the market, making it from scratch is always preferable.

Raising Canes only uses fresh ingredients to make their signature seasoning blend.

Raising Canes uses cayenne powder in its spice mix, though I use smoked paprika instead for a more natural flavor profile that tastes like the real deal.

Raising Cane’s uses a unique blend of mayonnaise and Louisiana-style hot sauce.

However, if you’re the sort who loves spice, feel free to add in some extra hot sauce into the recipe.