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What To Do in Orlando AFTER Disney World

What To Do in Orlando AFTER Disney World

No matter what time of year you head to Walt Disney World, there are tons of adventures that everyone must check out after their fun in the parks. Visiting the parks can be the only things you do while in Orlando, but sometimes you just need to unwind and get away for a different kind of fun, or can only fit a couple days of fun into the budget. After Walt Disney World, activities can include everything from recreational fun to creative outings and even thematic shows.

I’m not including other parks such as Universal Orlando (an awesome but expensive alternative!) or Sea World. But here are 4 must do activities in Orlando that everyone should add to their itinerary after Walt Disney World.

What To Do in Orlando AFTER Disney World | A Mother Thing

Guided Kayak Tours

Even though The Everglades are far south of Orlando, the headwaters that feed the unique ecosystem start right outside Orlando. Animal Kingdom is a great primer for the biodiversity and up close exposure you will get to alligators and birds from the region. Several eco-tour companies operate in the area, all providing different levels of immersion and activity. Work with your hotel or travel agent to find the one that best suits you.

Discovery Cove

For a one of a kind experience where you can immerse yourself in the habitats of marine life, Discovery Cove is a must do for adults and children. From SeaVenture to the Dolphin Lagoon to being a trainer for the day, these are unforgettable, once in a lifetime experiences that can be done safely and with little prior experience. Discovery Cove is worth a day or more of your time, at least.

Cheer on the Orlando Magic

Orlando is home to the Orlando Magic, a fitting name for a team that shares a home with Walt Disney World. Easy to get to from the parks, it’s a great way to fill in an evening and still have a ton of fun. With professional teams trying to attract more guests, there are always themed nights that can be entertaining for the entire family, in addition to cheering on the home team.


For something uniquely Floridian, take the family to Gatorland, a theme park built entirely around the state’s most popular animal. Gatorland can be done in a day, though there is always more fun to be had, including alligator wrestling, the chance to feed some of the parks animals and a petting park. Perfect for kids, teens and adults, you can customize the level of adventure that you experience while in the park, going from nature trails to the gator experiences and then moving on to zipline adventures that will have you flying through the air above the park and its inhabitants.

What do you think? Are these places you would visit? What would you add to the list?