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Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars

Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars

Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars

I recently shared a dessert recipe for Strawberry Carrot Dirt Cups to get you in the mood for Spring. And so I HAD to share this yummy dessert, as well, because it has a similar vibe to it. These bars are crunchy and messy and ooey and gooey. It’s like eating really delicious dirt! The gummy worms just set it off nicely, and it’s a more grown-up but playful take on the dirt cups. May I present my Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars!

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

1 stick butter, softened
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-1/2 cups flour
1-14 oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 bag (8 oz) Kit Kat Bites
1 bag (10 oz) Butterfinger Bites
1/2 cup chocolate chips
20 Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (such as Oreos)
Gummy Worms to Garnish

Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars

In a food processor, process 20 sandwich cookies to create about 2-1/2 cups of finely crushed cookies. If you do not have a food processor, you can easily crush your cookies by placing them in a ziplock bag and rolling a rolling pin over the bag. Set crushed cookies aside.

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Line a 9×13 pan with foil, wrapping the foil around the edges of the pan and up the sides. Spray the pan with cooking spray.

In a mixing bowl, beat butter, brown sugar and vanilla until mixed well, about 2-3 minutes. Add egg yolks and beat until combined. Add the flour, while beating slowly until the mix is crumbly. Press batter into the bottom of your prepared pan.

Bake 8-10 minutes until the edges are light brown. Remove from oven.

Pour condensed milk over the hot crust and spread evenly. Create columns in your pan and layer kit kat bars and butterfinger bites. Alternate layers. For example: I had 9 columns, the first had 8 kit kat bites, the second had 8 butterfinger bites, then another column of 8 kit kat bites, 8 butterfinger bites and so on. The candies were not touching each other.

Once all of your candies are in their columns, sprinkle chocolate chips in between candies. Take 2 cups of crushed cookies and sprinkle them evenly over the candies, covering everything and making your top dirt layer.

Bake 20-25 minutes or until tiny bubbles begin to form around the edges. Remove from oven and cool for about five minutes. Add remaining crumbs to cover the bubbles if necessary.

Cool completely before cutting into squares. To cut, lift the foil out of the pan with the bars, place onto cutting board. Cut into 24-2″ squares or 48-1″ squares.

Garnish top with gummy worms and additional dirt if desired.

Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars

These are so delicious. Apologies for the lack of process photos, but I seem to have lost them somewhere along the way. Hopefully the directions are clear enough for you!

I hope you enjoy them. I can’t tell you what a hit they are in our house!

Wiggly Worm Dirt Bars

Nicole from Flavors by Four

Tuesday 14th of April 2015

Just stopping by to let you know we've featured these today at the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!! Come on over to check it out :)

Janice Wald

Sunday 12th of April 2015

My daughter Hayley who loved science would have loved this. She's grown now. Others who like nature would like this too. Thanks for coming to the Inspire Me Linky Party on Monday. I'm Janice, one of your hostesses.

Erin @ Making Memories

Friday 10th of April 2015

Are you kidding me?!?! These sounds delicious and look totally fun. Pinned them, of course, so I could make them for my kiddos. Thanks!


Thursday 9th of April 2015

My kids would love these. I came across them on love bakes good cakes 'freedom fridays'! I love the name of your blog. Newest follower on Pinterest & Facebook. Have a great weekend.

Brittanie @Simplistically Living

Tuesday 7th of April 2015

I am so glad I came across this! I actually just posted a Homemade Bug Juice recipe today and made Bug Soap the other day so what a perfect treat to pair with my "bug" theme I have going on. I've pinned this as well! Thanks for sharing. I am stopping by from The DIY Dreamer linky party.