children's hands playing with a magic snow craft

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  1. This worked perfectly! Thank you. A little advice — do not add food Cole. My granddaughter and I made ours magenta. When we were done playing we had magenta fingers.

    1. Oh no! We have definitely made that mistake in the past with other crafts. Food coloring definitely has a habit of staining fingers and other items. I’ve learned that if you do want to color things, use the smallest amount possible (1-2 drops), mix it with your liquid first (the hair conditioner in this case), and then mix everything with a spoon first before touching it with hands. A lot of times this will allow the color to disperse and lose its potency so that it won’t stain as badly or even at all. Another possibility is to use disposable gloves, but it’s not nearly as fun. I’m glad it worked for you, though!

  2. I’m doubling it, so I started with 5 cups soda and 2 cups conditioner. I’ve probably added at LEAST 5 more cups of soda but the mixture is still sticky and not really clumpy. Any ideas what to do?

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